Тому Крузу ищут невесту в секте

Choice of wife to Hollywood actor do the Scientologists.

This does not even dreamed experienced matchmaker Rosa Syabitova. She used to work the old fashioned way: looking for groom/bride, meet the parents, walk a wide the wedding with the accordion and dancing. And then not understand that. Looking intended for Hollywood handsome does… sect. Even the auditions among the brides-to-spend.

Jehovah’s witnesses need to calm down. Lady love for the actor are looking for is not among them, but in the slender ranks of Scientologists. For many years Tom cruise is one of the most active members of this sect, takes part in all important meetings, donates an obscene amount of money on its development and prosperity. So I decided fellow cultists to help the star of “Mission impossible” to find family happiness. And personally undertook to find him a companion. Held selection job interview among adherents. This was told by a former follower of Scientology Katie Schenkelberg. According to the girl, she didn’t even know why its called manual. Thought the exam is held for admission to the training courses. “They put me in a chair, turned on the camera and began questioning,” says Katie. — Asked where I was which I level (a measure of engagement in the wisdom of Scientology. — Approx. ed.). Said how I feel about Tom cruise. I honestly admitted that I can’t stand him and I think narcissistic childish. When I found out that it was for listening, I realized that after such a response, become the wife of the cruise to me does not Shine.”

The foreign press often wrote that the actor is highly dependent on Scientology. The leadership of the sect controls each step, decides which pictures to play, no. After two failed marriages of Tom with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, they decided that they will choose a wife for his famous follower. Worst of all, the sectarians forbade him to see his daughter Suri.

According to relatives of Cruz, the head of the Church David Miscavige convinced him that communicating with a girl can be dangerous to delicate and sophisticated soul of the actor. Supposedly a 10-year-old baby was possessed by a demon (bad theta, scientologese). Here Cruz and avoids contact with her. You never know, you’ll catch some nasty things from this girl.

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