Линдси Лохан беременна от русского бойфренда

Father of actress, Michael Lohan told the press that his daughter is expecting first child.

She wrote me a message, and then confirmed in conversation, – said Michael told reporters. But I don’t know how old it is”.

Rumors about the pregnancy of 30-year-old star went on last week when she posted a tweet: “Lindsay Lohan in “labor pains” – I’m pregnant!” – and then it was removed. By the way, the movie with the same name really is – Lindsay starred in it in 2009.

However, one of her friends (if you can call a friend) has talked to the press and said, “Lindsey says about her pregnancy, but it can only be for the sake of attracting attention”.

As they say, time will tell, but last week the actress and indeed a little psycho, after learning about the betrayal of her boyfriend Yegor Tarabarova – read more about this read HERE.

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