Вот это новость! Джордж Клуни в 55 впервые станет папой!

His 38-year-old wife Amal Alamuddin is pregnant. However, of all the forces hiding it.

Seem to be the main heartthrob of the planet finally settled down. No more shenanigans with colleagues on the set, while the spouse on business trips. Only diapers, vests and Assembly instructions crib. Yes, you read that right: 55-year-old actor George Clooney will soon be a dad. For the first time!

38-year-old lawyer and wife of Hollywood star Amal Alamuddin has declassified some of your friends.

“Amal just seven months of happiness! – told a source, the newspaper writes Aceshowbiz. – However, to state its position officially is not going. Simply do not want to advertise in the early period.”

Wish Amal, however, is not surprising. Earlier in the press there was information about pregnancy star lawyer. First, in December 2014, then in November of 2015. Rumors, however, in the end and have remained rumors. Members of the family Clooney later told me about the misinformation, and all those ubiquitous “sources” reported miscarriages.

This time, however, George and Amal are confident in a happy end. Baby for both spouses welcome and long-awaited.

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Clooney and Alamuddin, recall, are married for almost two years. The wedding took place on September 27, 2014 at the luxurious seven-star hotel Aman in Venice. The ceremony was attended by the closest friends of the star couple, including Matt Damon with his wife, John Krasinski, Emily blunt, Cindy Crawford and Anna Wintour. Married George and Amal, the former mayor of Rome (read more HERE).

Amal became the second wife of George. First marriage to actress Waist Balsam lasted only 18 months and ended in divorce in 1992. the Breakup was so painful that Clooney had vowed never to marry. And surely to fulfil his promise, made a bet for $ 100 thousand with actress Michelle Pfeiffer. They say, will pay you back if you decide to become someone’s husband.

Waist after Clooney met with Actresses Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Julia Roberts, and models Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Canalis.

After quite a long period of single life Clooney was thinking about how to settle down. With athlete Stacey Qibla he dated for two years, even sabilal that he dreams about children. However, in 2013, for unknown reasons, Clooney and Keebler broke up.

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