Тимати пожалел, что расстался с Шишковой

The rapper hinted to fans that his love story with the model Alena Shishkova is not finished yet.

Fans of Russian rapper Timati believe that his love story with the model Alena Shishkova is not finished yet.

A few days ago in the “Olympic” was held the biggest concert of Timati in his career. 32-year-old rapper performed all your favorite hits her fans, and they are nearly already gathered 15 thousand. They all witnessed how, during the song “Keys to Paradise” behind Timur appeared a hologram of the former civil wife and mother of his child Alena Shishkova.

By the way, the girl herself was even present at the concert. Alena made this a touching moment and shared a video in his instagram. You know the model in advance that her image of the ex-boyfriend decided to use during the songs is unknown.

But fans took this as a hint. The fact that line of the song tells how Timur regret the loss of his beloved and does not know how to do it right.

Video posted by Alena Shishkova (@missalena.92) Jul 22 2016 12:41 PDT

I must say that Alena and Timur broke up, but all the while maintain a cordial relationship together and raising a daughter Alice. The artist doted daughter, in no way denies her and spoil endlessly.

The former lovers have never said bad about each other in interviews and blog posts. Many couples who do split up, it would be worthwhile to learn from them.

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