Нюша закрутила роман с влиятельным чиновником

In the frame of the paparazzi were a couple that carefully hides his Love Story from prying eyes. In one of the Moscow restaurants reporters declassified singer Nyusha with her new lover. It was them ex-official from Kazan.

Nyusha – Nyusha she Shurochkina, his personal life is not to rush to open neither for fans, nor for the media. All questions about the beloved, the girl replied: “My heart is not free”.

There were rumors that the heart of the unapproachable beauty conquered… ex-official of Kazan – a 36-year-old Igor Sivov. At about this time he left the post of chief of staff of the Executive Committee, fly to Switzerland – in Lausanne, becoming Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation (FISU). It is the headquarters of the organization.

Нюша закрутила роман с влиятельным чиновником
Нюша закрутила роман с влиятельным чиновником

Igor Sivov is a former KVN player, once played for the team of TISBI Academy, where he studied, and then “Four Tatar”. With teammates friends are still his close friends Vladimir Leonov, Minister of youth and sports of Tatarstan Damir Fattakhov, who now heads the social sector of the Executive Committee of Kazan. Igor has two children, but he is a rather private person, the divorce was not known.

Interestingly, before to take a responsible post in the Directorate of the Universiade-2013, Sivov headed “the Management of holiday programs,” Kazan Executive Committee, effectively organized and brought stars on all city events.

Nyusha was in the capital of Tatarstan concerts, and almost all of the world championship on water sports in 2015 held in Kazan: her sister is part of the national team of Russia in synchronized swimming and the whole family was rooting for her in the stands. So it’s possible that romantic relationship, the couple began not three months ago, but much earlier.

Rumors about the affair with Jane arose immediately after the departure Sivova in Switzerland. By the way, at that moment dad Shurochkina not confirm, but also did not deny the affair of his daughter with Sivov – answering the journalist’s question WDay.ru only said, where it became known.

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And now, less than three months, as the media are declassified after a sweet couple and photographing them tenderly holding hands in one of Moscow restaurants.

By the way, recently the singer became the Ambassador of world football championship FIFA 2018. The ceremony took place in Kazan, the hometown of Igor.