Julia Kolert is a professional singer and musician.

«We will never better than now Each of her songs receives tens of thousands of plays, and the videos for each composition have already won tens of thousands of hearts.

Yulia has an excellent team and the famous arranger Roman Koshkarov, who has collaborated with the A-Studio group, Leonid Agutin and other artists, worked on the quality of her new track.

The song “On the Glass” is played with live sound, and the words of the song are heard in one breath, the music is played with live sound and there is a complete absence of linear connections.

The composition “On Glass” cannot be called light thematically. This song is about everyone and everything, you just have to open your heart to hear. It is about time, life, forgiveness and only then about love, because love is Time, Life, Forgiveness and Hope for the future.

The poetry in the music of Julia Kolert, without a doubt, leaves its mark on the soul of every listener: “We will never be better than we are now, we will never be better than yesterday…”

Track “ On glass is already available on all digital platforms.

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