После разлуки с Олей Тарасов занялся воспитанием дочери

The athlete began to see more 7-year-old angelina and his first wife Oksana.

Divorce is the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova with the football team of Russia Dmitry Tarasov has been discussed for several months. All the i put only the intimate correspondence of the star were leaked.

Now both have their own life. Olya for the first time, was recoloured in the brunette and wins music olipm, but Tarasova suddenly woke up paternal instinct. The athlete is obsessed with the education of her daughter from her first marriage.

Seven year old angelina lives with her mother, the first wife of footballer. Dima had not denied them the help and attention, but now began to hold my daughter even more time.

Recently family photos shared by the girl’s mother. And if we didn’t know that they’ve been divorced, I would think that this is a weekend family friendly. Photo Dima is trying to explain to her daughter in one of the capital’s cafes.

“Apparently, trying to interpret contemporary reality (the daughter lost in thought, dad knows the way), explains “in what force, brother,” commented the Oksana.

It seems that the former couple really close lately. Player increasingly devotes posts daughter, and Oksana supports him in everything.

Recall, the divorce Olga and Dima became known a few months ago. First, from the page of Oli disappeared in Instagram all joint pictures, and after Dima confirmed the breakup.