Новый поворот: Эмбер, не получив денег, снова судится с Деппом

The actress has estimated the moral damage at $ 7 million, but the actor seems in no hurry to part with their money.

Babe amber had been the lawful wife of Depp’s only 15 months, and are suing the former lovers are already half of the time. Filing for divorce, Hurd has accused the Hollywood star of domestic violence. Depp denied it. But, whatever really happened, the truth we’ll never know.

In any case, a couple of months ago, the former beloved concluded an agreement, according to which johnny agrees to pay ex-wife $ 7 million, and it is not right to disclose the details of their family life. Alas, the truce was short-lived. The promised money, the actress did not wait.

As they say Western sources, Depp paid heard only part of sum – 200 thousand, and the rest of the translation was frozen. According to representatives of the star, it had every reason.

We are talking about small parts, which became a stumbling block. When the document is signed amber gave a subscription to disclose details of his life with johnny, however, allowed himself to participate in several television talk shows and interviews.

“You can suffer behind the closed doors of your home, but I want to remind you that you are not alone in this world. You only need to have the courage to state your problem openly, that is to start telling the truth. This has allowed me to escape from behind closed doors, when I found myself in a similar situation. But you should be prepared to ensure that your recognition is empathy and respect are at first greeted with hostility and skepticism. And your abuser will justify and shield!” asked Hurd to all women in the December issue of Porter Magazine.

Soon the point will put the court. In fact, judging by the mood of both, the second the truce is not worth waiting.