Гела Месхи рассказал, как они с Климовой пережили ее развод

For a year Meskhi and Klimov officially married and raise a daughter Bella. In an exclusive interview, the actor recalled, and how it all began.

Meskhi and Klimov a daughter, go on holiday and at home cute spend a weekend behind the plate. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are together only two years.

“I think the marriage has bonded our relationship. Before I could go out with friends to hang out – watch football in the bar. And today I don’t need it anymore, I can watch the football on TV at home in the family. So I gained a lot more than lost. So today I can safely call myself a happy man. I have a wonderful family,” admitted in an interview with the actor.

While Meskhi says that to fall in love with Katya was simply impossible.

“For what love? She is open, caring, affectionate, it emits heat. It probably has all the qualities, which must be a woman,” said Gela.

Thus on his feelings he tries to tell Kate as often as possible.

“Love” is a good word. I’m not afraid to repeat it. I think we should not be ashamed of their feelings and to talk about the one whom you really love. So you do not regret that he had not time,” says the actor.

Recall, this marriage to Kathy was the third. But, according to the actress, she feels happier. However, lovers had to pass a real test after it became known that Kate getting a divorce with Igor Petrenko for the sake of Gela.

“It was a difficult period, – says Gela. Photographers were everywhere – in bushes, under cars… I Wrote some shit. Where you getting this information, is unclear. We tried as much as possible not to pay attention, although it was hard and wanted to scream: “Guys, enough, leave us alone!” Survived all and live on.”

Interview with Gela Meskhi about family and parenting – the link

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