Актриса Лив Тайлер родила дочь. Фото

Liv and David Gardner was born the second child.

A girl named Lula rose, and the image of the newborn instant Instagram appeared in the 39-year-old actress. In the picture of a happy father holding baby in her arms, and Liv expresses the immense joy in the caption: “hi! Our beautiful baby was born! Lula rose Gardner, we are so happy, the heart is love!” David also posted this photo on your page, signing it: “Our beautiful daughter Lula rose Gardner is incredibly beautiful, healthy, and – thank heavens – just like your mom! Now the real work begins for the training of the older brother to become a real ninja, experts in the field of martial arts and bodyguards!”

Big brother is a 16-month-old son a pair of Sailor. David, whose work (he’s a football agent) has nothing to do with martial arts, did not explain why he had prepared his children is the future – probably just jokes to celebrate. However, if all the children of David and Liv will be engaged in karate, you get a good team Liv still has 11-year-old son Milo from her former husband Royston Langdon, David – 8-year-old son gray from a previous marriage. Liv and David got engaged at the end of 2014, but not yet officially married.

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