Father Lohan told the truth about Tarabarova

Отец Лохан рассказал всю правду о Тарабасове

Parent actress disgruntled ex-suitor of his daughter.

Of the countless novels Lindsay Lohan already it is time to write the three volumes. No sooner had the girl to break up with a Russian businessman Egor Tarasovym once again plunged into the depths of passion. Paparazzi caught the flamboyant actress on the Greek island of Mykonos in the company of a new boyfriend. All the time young people spent together: having Breakfast, sunbathing on the beach, went to restaurants. The mysterious stranger turned out to be Dennis Papageorgiou, the owner of one of the local restaurants. Lohan said that her new companion is associated solely friendships, but friends of the actress are sure that Lindsay Dennis on quite different plans. And seemingly scandalous relationship with Tarasovym with accusations of violence and liebermanesque in the past, as the story broke in the dad of the actress, giving a scathing interview about Yegor, one of the British magazines.

According to Michael Lochau, Tarasov was not the one for whom it is. Moreover, the guy used a relationship with Lindsay for personal gain. “He needed my daughter to enter the party, to lead a secular lifestyle,” says Michael. I don’t even know if he is as rich as told. One thing is for sure: practically paid for everything Lindsay. Father also spoke about the conflict and Tarabanova Lohan in Mykonos (there, according to Lindsay, she was beaten Egor): “He grabbed her by the throat, then hands, leaving a lot of bruises. I thought he would call, apologize, but this has not happened.”

After a failed relationship Michael wants her daughter to find a true knight without fear and without reproach. “I want her to find a normal guy,” continues the dad of the actress. Is this to do for her as much as she for him. And let it be not from show business.” However, despite everything, and against the reunification of the daughter with Tarasovym he won’t mind. A great relationship.