Sabitova admitted why will not marry again

Сябитова призналась, почему больше не выйдет замуж

According to the presenter, for her time of marriage passed.

She for many years helped women to find their half, gives good advice in the framework of the program “let’s get married”. However, these sacred words in your address are not waiting for long. Said that at her age to think about marriage later. She’s 52, besides rose looks much younger than his years. Where did such skepticism?

Here to whom you can apply the old idiom “the shoemaker without shoes.” Daily Sabitova teaches the mind to reason women willing to go under the crown, is professionally engaged in matchmaking, but she cannot find happiness. Yes, and not seek, for its recognition. The mindset among women in terms of marriage pessimistically.

“Every age has its own code – admitted rose to the correspondent to Woman’s Day. Women in the fifties. By this time, it is important to place as a mother-in-law, mother-in-law, grandmother. But to marry is to amuse the people. Besides the stellar age of women is the problem. Men are trying to profit at their expense. And I am no exception. My last story is proof of this. To earn me some money, the man broke up with me through the newspaper, having received the fee. This is the first. Secondly, a man needs a lot of attention and effort. I have no such luxury. In the first place I have to work on the second – children. Forces on the man are left. So never give up on any job, no children, and soon grandchildren. Thirdly, I have formed certain habits that I will not change. For example, I can’t sleep alone and can’t stand the snoring. There is no desire to care for the man. So the price of my comfort alone. Although my loneliness a little worried. I always have things to do”.

Recall that rose was married twice. From the first marriage she has two children: a son Dennis and a daughter Ksenia. The second Union with Yuri Andreev, one of the participants of the program “let’s get married”, lasted only three years and broke up in 2011.