Не сидится: беременная Пелагея вернулась к работе

The singer refuses from concerts and fun on stage.

After in June, held a secret wedding Pelagia and hockey player Ivan Telegin and started talking about her pregnancy, the singer tried to stay away from public places. Together with her husband traveled to Greece, then with friends had a rest in Sochi. But apparently, with her energy to sit idle for a long time could not. In late August, made on the Day of the city of Velikiye Luki, first appeared on stage in the status of a wife, and a week later visited a hockey match between CSKA, where he plays Telegin, and “AK Bars”.

I was at the concert Pelagia in Pskov in June, he was invited to our holiday, – told “Antenna”, the Chairman of the Committee for culture of the city administration. She agreed, we signed a contract. The hardest part was to perform a technical rider, but we all managed. But otherwise no special requests were not. Which is nice, before the show she wanted to see the history of the city, but to visit the sights of the time, alas, was not. She was only one day.

Pelageya musicians had dinner in a separate room, told the hotel “Yubileiny”, where he stopped the singer. – Anything especially did not order from us that day was full – the whole administration, guests of the city. Pelagia ate it and went to his room. She’s pregnant, she needs rest and quiet.

However, Pelagia, which, according to rumors, is not going to work a lot during pregnancy and therefore refused to participate in the show “the Voice”, still not going to completely sit at home. The singer will appear in the fall in the show of the First channel “Moscow nights”, not refusing to participate in interesting projects.

It seems that the performance – spirit of the times. After all, Ksenia Sobchak, being at the 7th month of pregnancy, do not take the holiday as during the opening of the “New wave” in Sochi. Then she spent the whole day rehearsing the show together with his colleagues, and then a few hours kept it. Ksenia for the magazine L’officiel say that their boss is not going on maternity leave before the birth.