Это любовь: Анна Нетребко с мужем не скрывали чувств в Сочи

The couple were holding hands and not shy to kiss in public.

It is believed that you can endlessly look at fire, water and working people. We would the third point be replaced by happy. Looking at this sweet couple you know: that’s what love is.

Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov did not leave for a minute. They’re together and on stage and in life. And do not hesitate in revealing his feelings neither nor there. During a rehearsal of their joint rooms Anna and Yusif held hands. God, this is so touching!

1 /10

Later they had to leave… Not for long. Yusif began to rehearse their room, and Anna sat down in the hall. She took off her dark glasses and watched closely every movement of the man on the scene. Then smiled then he repeated the words. All attempts by her friends to start a conversation with her, waved his hand. Like, let’s after. And when Yousif went down the hall to his wife, they are not noticing anyone around cooing like lovebirds!

In a moment, thinking that none of them is not looking, Anna gently hugged her husband and began to kiss him. Well, that photographer Woman’s Day does not sleep. On these pictures you can really see forever. In them so much tenderness, love and passion… Like Anna and Yusif only met yesterday. Although they are a pair and though not as many years. A year ago, Yousif made a proposal to Anna, and in 2015 they got married. So this year they will be celebrating only their first anniversary.