Вот и все: Тейлор Свифт и Том Хиддлстон расстались

Celebrity relationship lasted only three months.

Oh, what was a couple of… a 26-year-old singer and 35-year-old actor had an affair in June, two weeks after Taylor broke up with DJ Calvin Harris. And spun rapidly, the tabloids are running photos, like a couple in new York, regardless of passers-by, sitting on a bench and kissing. According to friends of the singer, this became a stumbling block in their relationship – say, Taylor didn’t want their affair became public, but Tom didn’t see anything wrong and does not listen to the discontent of swift, when she had expressed.

It was a whirlwind romance – the young people even met each other’s parents, and after a month That officially confirmed their relationship in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, denying rumors that their romance is just a stunt to attract attention: “the Truth is that me and Taylor together, and we are happy.”

The happiness lasted up until the moment that Tom decided to make his girlfriend a proposal – and then something went wrong. First, Taylor accidentally found the engagement ring and ruined the surprise, and then said she needed to think.

“He’s so romantic! Definitely she will agree!” – Frank then press one of her friends. However, wrong.