Матильда Шнурова доказала в Сочи любовь к мужу

The singer brought a spouse to the “New wave” and dedicated a song to her.

His appearance in the musical contest were waiting for everything: stars, and viewers young and old. But how else? The leader of group “Leningrad” is now everywhere. Blew up his “Exhibit” and “Tits” all chats, I wrote a song to child transmission, has become a leading talk show on the First channel. Without the Cord now just anywhere.

“New wave” Sergey came not alone but with his beloved wife Matilda, and was so pumped that left no one indifferent, not only music, but also his attitude to his wife.

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Released artist on the scene closer to the night. All the same songs he for adults in the morning is not play. All the time while “Leningrad” performed, Matilda did not sit in the VIP area and stood on the stage with a camera and caught every movement husband.

Cords without censorship performed “Louboutins”, “Points Sobchachki and about 15 of his hits. Played nonstop for a few hours. And where only the forces come from? When the turn came to sing “Woman-bomb”, Sergei turned to his wife:

“This song I dedicate to my wife! You’re a babe-bomb!” And the hall roared!

Matilda, meanwhile, had gone down to the public and as a loyal companion in the crowd sang along to her husband.

By the way, she came to Sochi prepared in a black sports bomber jacket with the words “CORD”, which is borrowed from Sergei.

It is true that the husband and the wife – one Satan.