Виторган в Сочи отрепетировал шутки про беременность Собчак

The star couple arrived in Sochi to hold another concert evening at the “New wave”.

Strange, but true: none of the star’s pregnancy didn’t cause as much hype as the future of motherhood Xenia Sobchak. Whether because of the image of steel women, whether because of external coldness, but the TV presenter has never been a housewife, raising a Horde of children. Plus these are all her famous sayings about “little shits”… Maybe that’s why the softness that appeared in the form of Xenia, attracts attention.

Here in Sochi, where the competition “New wave”, Sobchak journalists waited impatiently. And admired her performance: Xenia a few hours of rehearsal, and then a whole night spent on his feet, taking the opening contest. But at the 7th month of pregnancy you need to give yourself more rest. And Sobchak allowed himself to relax beside her husband.

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The plane, carrying from Moscow to Sochi flew the star couple, was delayed. Perhaps, therefore, to the rehearsal Maxim Vitorgan arrived alone – she preferred to rest before the evening work.

Replica on behalf of Sobchak has filed the chief Director of the evening show “New wave” and the actor honed the jokes. Has not managed and without mentions of pregnancy. Here it is surprising: six months of steam and did not say a word on this subject, Xenia wrapped in layered clothing to hide the situation. And then like a dam burst: Sobchak from the stage for the first time openly talking about my stomach, joking that caught your pokemon. Now we have a marital squabble, saying, Maxim, I must say Sobchak. — Tonight is Prime, and we’re about to premiere. And Maxim will pretend that he does not understand, about what speech. Next scheduled pause for laughter and applause. Short, was declassified.

In Sochi, the pair will spend the evening and maybe late on Saturday Maxim Vitorgan birthday, and to celebrate it in a warm seaside town would be nicer than quite autumn Moscow.