Факт: женщины не доверяют мужьям уборку и шопинг

The survey showed that the fairer the field are confident that their husbands will not cope with the household duties.

Employees of the international network “Training center SEX.RF questioned 789 residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod about their relationship to the distribution of male and female responsibilities and came to interesting conclusions.

It turns out that almost half of respondents (42%) believes that men hardly cope with running a household without their help. In particular, the Ironing would not trust a man of 19% women, second place was cleaning the house (15%) and cooking (11%).

Closes the final three childcare (3%). Confident that her husband will be able to cope with all the above responsibilities, was only 9%.

After reading such statistics, men are only happy – will ask the wife again to take out the garbage, and he told her the numbers instead of an answer. Supposedly you don’t trust us, so let’s do. Moreover, according to most interviewed women, men, after all- to provide for the family, and the household they are ready to carry on his shoulders.

Products and goods for the home a majority of ladies (55%) prefers to buy their own. 60% believe that understand the intricacies of the interior is better chosen, and the opinion of the second half rarely take into account.

But all questions on repair of apartments in almost every ready to shove into a loved one. What sly! Only 11% of respondents are confident that they will cope better with replacement of pipes, plastered walls or repairing the TV.

But of the main advantages of a strong half of mankind, women is almost certainly recognized that men are better they are good at sex. 32% evaluated their intimate skills are much more modest, and only 18% believe that know how to in bed more beloved.

“Since ancient times the direct responsibility of women was to meet the needs of men in hot and tasty food, sex, procreation, purity and moral comfort – analyzes data Ekaterina Lyubimova, a leading sex coach and founder of the international network “Training center SEX. Of the Russian Federation“. — She could not take men’s jobs, to do science, to serve in the army, to want sex. Gradually the myth of the weak, asexual and business woman was perceived by society as something unshakable. But technological advances have automated many processes, for which the woman was previously required. Dinner can now be ordered in the nearest cafe, Laundry can handle a washing machine and has a lot of educational institutions. And liberated women got their own desires that they seek to implement. Including the desire to have sex for their own pleasure and health. Every time I rejoice when women come to class on awakening the female orgasm or sex fitness. This means that they want to do something for yourself and not just for a partner. This is a really good indicator.”

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