Ученые выяснили, где высоким искать женихов и где нет

It turns out that the highest men live in Holland. But Russian officials, alas, already on 42 place in the ranking. So, girls, dreaming of a handsome Prince, to learn the Dutch language.

“Well, I’m Dating a high chair to carry? No. A real man must be big as a rock. Or at least as a mediocre locker!” Oh! Heard such conversations? Maybe they uchastovat? Just read this note, then, the theme is definitely close. Well, read carefully.

Experts from the NCD Risk Factor collaboration analyzed data on the average height of people from different countries from 1914 to 2014 and found that the tallest women on the planet live in Latvia, and men in the Netherlands. The average growth of a strong half of this country is already 182,5 see Just a dream!

Just remember one of the main beauties of Holland – Cristiano Ronaldo: tall, successful, inflated, charming! So, girls, take my books on the Netherlands; as the statistics show, Prince on a white horse to search there.

Especially in Russia, the growth is pretty sad. In the list of most high our ladies only on 23-m a place, and men and at 42-M.

In General, scientists have noted that over the last 100 years people have grown up around 10-11 see For example, Koreans has grown as much as 20 cm, men in Iran – 16 cm, and our women – only 12.

Through the investigation it also became known, where a husband is not to look in East Timor. Live there are the lowest men. Their average height is not more than 160 cm And the lowest of women, scientists discovered in Guatemala, the average height is 150 cm.

Interestingly, the main catalyst for growth changes of the planet’s inhabitants, scientists said that the improved level of health and good nutrition. Genes experts put only on the third place.

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