Ленина получила предложение руки и сердца от школьника

The writer and socialite staged get-togethers with neighbors, during which, a funny thing happened.

It seems that Lena Lenin will now be even more likely to surprise us with his antics and extravagant hairstyles. Because from distant Paris, she moved to the suburban village of Cambridge, in the New Riga, where he purchased the large three-story townhouse.

Moreover, immediately decided to find out who will live side by side, and invited all the neighbors in small talk – gossip and drink tea.

Needless to say that stellar neighbor, making a stir in Cannes, all craved for a long time. And therefore accepted the invitation with great pleasure. And some were not afraid and husbands to take with them – to admire, so to speak, for a woman who knows “how to seduce any man.”

Lenin treated the guests with tea and cakes. And they answered pleased with the new roommate nice things for the house, pretty trinkets and homemade pastry. But most of all, perhaps, surprised 10-year-old Denis. The boy gave the beauty of a rose, which he molded out of clay.

And asked Lena to marry him. What famous blonde did not reject the young Romeo and promised to be his lady once he grows up. But, of course, on the condition that he will study well in school.

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