Brezhnev posted a photo with the pregnant belly

Брежнева выложила фото с беременным животом

Is it possible that the singer Konstantin Meladze soon to be child.

Vera Brezhnev today is not a joke stirred up their fans. The singer, who often shares in his blog work news beauty tips, suddenly put a picture in a swimsuit, which is a decent size belly tells himself.

Netizens rushed to congratulate a favorite star that she will become a mother for the third time. After all, her daughter is all grown up: the eldest sone 15 years, Junior Sarah will soon turn 7. Yes, and they already whisper that Faith should give the baby his new wife – Konstantin Meladze. In General, waited, decided by the fans and already began to celebrate.

But, it turned out, too early. The signature on this spicy photo does not correspond to what we perceive them to be. Brezhnev, as it turned out, joke heads.

“I don’t have a photo with trump, and I’m not pregnant… signed the Faith. — In short, not a trend… But I know how to inflate the belly so. And you know how? Chic mood after a concert in Krivoy Rog”.

Here’s the news. Joke. And yet some fans doubt that this is pure hoax. As they say, every joke has some truth. Looks like the tummy of Faith is not inflated, and very natural. “Faith is as skinny as she could inflate such a big belly?” – talk subscribers. Although there were those who confirmed that this is possible, they say, they can see exactly the same inflating tummy. Well, time will tell.