Husband Buzova stated that he does not want to divorce

Муж Бузовой заявил, что не хочет разводиться

Dmitry Tarasov said verses on the poems of Olga Buzova.

How hard Olga Buzova parting with her husband, you can understand its entries in Instagram. For the second week, the presenter publishes a sad poem on the page. With them, it actually all started. A poem about a lost angel and brought fans to the idea that the family of the leading “House-2” and player of “Locomotive” is not going smoothly. Although the two officially never confirmed the rumors about his divorce.

But if Dmitri really is silent – both in life and on the Internet, Olga to keep your emotions in check fails. The other day she again shared with subscribers of another poem.

Life will put everything in places

She will punish and judge

For not then, not there

We were by fate.

Not with those not then agreed

In the side watching,

Not been evaluated by life

I not said what I wanted…

Was looking for something a mile away,

Not seeing what is beside us,

Not hearing words, what we call

Not seeing the views.

Not one met the plane

And waited on the wrong platform

The pier we were looking for is not the one

Route we didn’t know the number.

Though strict at times fate

We are not going to lose smile

Life will put everything in place

Forgiven, perhaps, for the mistakes!

Then Dmitry Tarasov gave up and decided to answer still the official wife. That is to say, verse for verse. The footballer posted a picture with his daughter from his first marriage and in verse hinted that the children that they have with Olga was not, are the main Foundation of any family.

Everyone has a purpose,

one of them is family

yeah that was like a citadel,

as a powerful armor.

So that every day among friends

from beginning to end

the hearth was warm, the evening is quiet

and in unison of the heart. And the joy of life – the laughter of children,

For us – the soul of dawn,

Because children is our success

And for family – blessed light!

The reaction Buzova for this poem is still unknown. But, most of all, it hurts the girl in earnest. Indeed, it has long dreams that they have with Tarasov had children. But, apparently, not yet out…

“Sure, I still experience the awe of a newborn might not exactly times, – he confessed in a recent interview with “Antenna” Olga. But, again, all the time. Of course, my husband and I in the house will live on not only dogs (laughs)”.