How would it look on your wedding, if the groom was an oligarch

Как бы выглядела твоя свадьба, если бы жених был олигарх

Moldovan model Xenia Delhi showed looks like a wedding in a million.

With a million, we certainly played down, in fact, the celebration has cost millions of euros, but for the chosen girl is not still a lot of money.

In June the 27-year-old Xenia married 62-year-old Egyptian oligarch. Osama Fathi of Rabeha Ali Sharif, despite the age, the home was considered eligible bachelor, he is a President of a large business group “Admiral” in Egypt and fabulously rich. And wedding Xenia also has turned out fabulous.

The wedding ceremony took place on the Greek island of Santorini, where the hotel on top of a mountain set snow-white altar with flower arches, where hundreds of guests admired the view of the sea. The bride was in a gorgeous white dress with partly transparent top embroidered with lace, and her hands were adorned with interwoven bracelets and rings of large diamonds. In General, she looked like a real Princess.

Model for some reason only now decided to show a video of the celebration. Subscribers immediately dubbed the teaser exciting. And the range really captures the spirit, if marry the Hollywood star.

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However, among the subscribers Ksenia there were those who criticized her marriage.

“Things we do for money! Rich old daddy!” – they wrote in the comments to the post.

“Maybe true love?” – immediately began to protect the girl and other friends. But all agreed that the wedding turned out that is necessary. Xenia in any case will be something to remember!

So happy to share!!!Little teaser about our wedding! small teaser about our wedding

Video published Xenia Deli (@xeniadeli) 8 Nov 2016 11:48 PST