Brad pitt declined to fight for children

Брэд Питт отказался бороться за детей

The actor did not file a counterclaim and to seek joint custody.

The divorce of the brightest couples of Hollywood is watching all of America, not to mention the whole world. And if the reasons are now more or less clear, here is the issue of child custody is still open. The actress has already filed a petition with the court asking to grant her sole custody of the children… the Whole world was waiting for: what will be the response to the pitt? And, oddly enough, and not followed.

By law, pitt needs to sue… unless, of course, children he wants to see more often than on weekends. But the fact is that the time has expired and any paper from brad, the court never received.

The reasons believed to be surrounded by couples, can be several. The most obvious: pitt simply doesn’t want to attract children attention. And hopes to resolve the situation with Angie peaceful way.

Well, two: pitt is still under investigation. Law enforcement agencies check, whether there was physical violence against children. In fact, according to Jolie, it happened that the actor was raised on the senior hand.

By the way, the eldest son of the couple, 15-year-old Maddox, after the incident on the plane (pitt talked to the teenager on the raised tones) still refuses to see his father.

In the meantime, to say that brad has completely moved on, too. As it became known, Hollywood star met with the father of angelina Jolie, hoping to influence the faithful. However, this attempt is highly questionable. Because Jolie does not communicate with a relative for many years. Moreover, his conversation with pitt, and all brought the actress in a rage.