Emin told about love to the woman you can not forget for many years

Эмин рассказал о любви к женщине, которую не может забыть много лет

Maxim Fadeev became so inspired that he wrote the song the main character sang together with singer Ani Lorak.

More precisely, the basis for the song “I can’t say” lay down love story that is Emin. Once he told her Maxim Fadeev, and one so imbued with that written on it.

“We connect with Emin not only shared projects, but strong friendship. Somehow we got to talking about women and he said one of his longtime love, as he deeply feels and thinks about her still, – said Maxim Fadeev. — I have this story, and I was wonder what kind of woman could make him feel so affected. I offered him a song in which the words are dialogue men and women: “I am not yours” and she will reply: “I’m not yours.” He thought for a long time, but then called and said that he really wants her to sing. And he sang her wildly emotional”.

When I was talking about who of singers to record this touching song, Emin did not think long. He suggested a duet Ani Lorak, with whom he had a mutual liking and friendships.

“One day the Emin called me and offered to sing a new song. I listened to the words and immediately agreed. This song laid something real, sincere, and touching. I realized that this is an important story for Emin. I think it turned out very beautiful”, – shared his impressions of Ani Lorak.

The singer claims that the song is so transparent that every student now learns his secret.

“I think once people hear it, they’ll understand,” says EMIN.

So maybe this song is about unrequited love for Ani Lorak? And this explains the unconditional choice as a partner for the duet? In General, listen more and make your own conclusions.