16-year-old daughter Malikova became a friend of son of an oligarch

16-летняя дочь Маликова стала подругой сына олигарха

Daughter of the famous singer is Dating the heir of billionaire Vladimir Gruzdev, Leonid.

Anna Shulgina, Ales Kafelnikov, Stefania Malikov in the media attention to their personas will soon pass the famous parents. How could it be otherwise? After all, for the personal lives of the singer’s daughters, Stephanie, only one Instagram see more than 400 thousand people… And, of course, they noticed that recently Malikov’s radiant from happiness, and never ceases to show off the armful of roses! But even more surprised the subscribers, knowing the sender’s name. As it turned out, the girl began courting the son of billionaire Vladimir Gruzdev, Leonid.

Their romance the lovers carefully concealed. But let slip the mother of Stephanie.

“You guys are friends for a very long time. They are close to each other live. Leonid is a wonderful boy, not spoiled, smart and educated guy. A complete mismatch with the Golden youth. It is very rare,” – says Elena Malikova, writes Life.ru.

A girlfriend told me that guy was fighting for the attention of Stephanie for a long time. But the daughter of the singer has begun to take his advances seriously recently!

The young man’s father, Vladimir Gruzdev, one of the richest men in Russia. Forbes has assessed its capital to $ 550 million. Of course, since it is still slightly increased.

Gruzdev owns 50% komnanii “Fashionable continent”. In addition, he held the post of Tula region Governor, until February of this year.

We will remind, before Malikov met with a boy from her school – by Tymofiy Muravina. The girl even managed to spend a vacation together in Saint Tropez. And to celebrate the end of 9th grade. In addition, the girl attributed the affair with Valerie’s son – Arseny.

By the way, recently became aware of changes on the personal front, another star of the heiress. Singer Slava has told, that has allowed 17-year-old daughter to move in with her boyfriend.

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