Батрутдинов объявил, что хочет детей

Resident of Comedy Club has long been dreaming about family, but still can not find a soul mate.

Timur Batrutdinov was the last bachelor among his colleagues in the Comedy Club. Yes he does not hide: he’d really like to get married, but all can not find a soul mate. He even agreed to participate in the show “the Bachelor” two years ago, but the affair with the winner of the Daria Cananachas lasted, alas, not for long.

Judging by the photos of Timur in his “Instagrame” new girl showman had still not found. His blog is still dominated by photos Garik Kharlamov, not with the fair sex. Recently, however, on the page of a resident of Comedy Club began to appear, and pictures with the kids!

Timur has two nieces – children of sister, in which he doted. And recently, it turned out that the Batrutdinov in General is very popular among children. On the set of new issues, “HB” the kids just did not give him a pass.

“Here comes success!” – signed one of the pictures surrounded by kids artist, and then remarked: “had His time”.

Timur a hundred times admitted to journalists that dreams about the children he already has three godchildren, but he would like to have.

“The biggest reason to do away with the single status – children – admitted to Woman’s Day showman. — I am the successor of the names Badrutdinovich, and I have a very big task – to save the family ancestors. I often remember at the tomb of the grandfather of Husain Ganovich I swore in that whatever was to continue the name Badrutdinovich. Perhaps that is why I now go to all lengths!”

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