Русский гимнаст после победы в Рио сделал любимой предложение!

24-year-old gymnast from Ekaterinburg to Rio killed two birds with one stone: 08.08.16 gained a silver medal and future wife! His bride Maria Mikhailova, with whom they met for 4 years, has told Woman’s Day, as it happened:

– I arrived in Rio on 6 August. This day – August 8 – we will inscribe the history of our family as the best and unforgettable! At this event we with the fans was screaming that I even lost my voice! To say the least, it was very exciting! I even started crying… But I knew that the boys ‘ medal: was confident in this team and in the speeches of David in particular! Other options did not even consider David a very persistent and purposeful. He walked to his Olympic medal all my life! And he got it! For her sake he sacrificed his childhood and adolescence, which was not like the others: all the walking, and he – workout! But it certainly was worth it.

In sports David strong-willed, and calm and soft, responsive. Man is one and the same, but different qualities are manifested depending on the situation!

We now have a great emotion, this day became the brightest day for us and our family! To celebrate the victory of the will, the end of the speech, on his arrival home: get together with friends, and then leave to rest in a well-deserved vacation! Soon after the Olympics we will devote to each other and think about the future.

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To make your offer, David had prepared a surprisingly romantic scene. After the victory speech at the entrance to the Olympic village from a friend of David – gymnast of the national team Nikita Nagornyy – the phone rang. After talking with an invisible companion, he turned to David and said he was calling the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko and asks Beliavsky to check the pockets. From one of his pockets David took a Golden ring with a diamond. The gymnast stood on one knee and asked for the hand of his girlfriend. Mary replied without hesitation: “Yes.”

After some time, the girl admitted the social network: “dear, my future husband! I know you’ll read it when I come in the room! I want to tell you such a thing! Any battle regardless of the result, makes you stronger! I love you like a man and respect as an athlete coming to the end! Today I’m not sad, because I saw how you laid! I’m with you, despite the locations and statuses, and these memories I will keep with great pleasure and happiness! I’m your crutch, and you my wall! Thank God for giving you to me! You’re my best man and always the first on all the podiums! Well all. Give up. Many already have guessed! 08.08.2016. And of course – Yes!!!

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Friend Masha Lyudmila Ivanova told Woman’s Day love story lovely couple:

– Mary and David I know 2 years. Their friendship was amazing! Masha lived in Novosibirsk. As she watched the competition in gymnastics, she liked one of the athletes. They were David. She’s perky and pushy, the girl did not panic and found him on social media, wrote. It was somewhere in early January 2012. They began to chat. After some time Mary began to come to him from the city of Novosibirsk, we can say that some time they met in the distance. At the time that she came to him, David had rented an apartment. And then bought a house, and Mary moved to Yekaterinburg finally they began to live together.

Thanks to Mary and David, I met my young man Nikita by Lankinen, David’s friend, who was also a member of the national team of Russia. For a long time we with Masha together waiting for their favorite from the competition – we live in the neighborhood.

Mary and David don’t see enough of due to the fact that David often goes to the charges, but when he arrives, I try to spend all the time together. And sometimes we go in pairs somewhere. We even rang in 2015 together.

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To be honest, I knew he was going to propose. More precisely, it has been speculated, because they have long together and love each other. David very romantic young man! Around the house they got photos of them together hanging. He often gives flowers, devotes all his spare time Mache. Even when he’s not there, send flowers.

She is always very supportive of him: the eyes of the broadcast, if not beside him, crying at the TV. And when he comes home, happy surprises for your champion – I will not tell what is their own.

He, in turn, Dotes on her. For example, Mary is engaged in a manicure and she had a dream to open his own salon. In the end, this summer they opened a manicure salon nails Teddy. The name was not chosen by chance – Teddy bear teddy is a collection.

It began 4 years ago with the fact that with each contest David brought Mache Teddy bears from different countries. So was born the idea to call the cabin which they built for a few months and kept it secret from friends. When David came home, he was helping Masha with the salon. But the design and all the artwork was on Mache. It is a lot of effort put into it! I was at the opening – Mache cried from happiness!

And soon we will walk at their wedding, and then they’re on our!

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