Хью Грант считает, что измены укрепляют брак

The actor, who at 55 years old never been married, expressed his opinion about marriage.

Such confirmed bachelors in Hollywood were two: George Clooney and Hugh Grant. The first surrendered by the spell Amal Alamuddin, the second is held. In 55 years, the actor has never been married, although has four children! And all because Hugh says: family life is not for him.

“Do I think that people can be sincere, loving and faithful, and to live close to forty years? No, no, and no again, ” said Grant journalist. — Who first said that this was possible? Perhaps someone from the Bible. But he never said it was a good idea. I understand that it may be nice to marry a suitable man who will be your best friend, but people make so many mistakes.”

According to Grant, offer hands and hearts – the most unromantic thing can be. And anyway, marriage restricts the freedom of man, and the actor is not ready to accept it. Now, if spouses were allowed to go to the left, then life together with a stamp in the passport would not be so burdensome. According to Grant, this is the secret to a happy marriage of French and Italians.

“They relate to family life seriously, but we understand that at night the house can be special guests. They just don’t talk about it, and this is what helps to keep the marriage”, – said the actor.

Actor this is also not covered, but journalists have long got wind that the Grant has been practicing such an open relationship. Two years ago, he almost simultaneously gave birth to two different women: September 3, 2012 Elizabeth Eberstein with which the actor found so far, bore him a son John, and on 29 December of the same year, the former girlfriend of actor Tinglan Hong gave birth to another boy, Felix.

Apparently, Elizabeth Eberstein shares the position of the Grant about marriage, because it is, despite everything, continues to meet with the actor. Moreover, in 2015 the Swedish producer gave birth to actor’s daughter.

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