Архарову заподозрили в романе с польским красавцем-актером

The emergence of ex-wife Marat Basharova on the red carpet of the International film festival ” Bridge of Arts my 46-year-old Polish actor Paul DeLong has caused a great resonance. Mystery of the day was the question of whether they are a couple.

To confirm or to deny the obvious, it would seem that the thing is very difficult. After all, after parting with Marat Basharov, Ekaterina ceased to publicize his personal life, and therefore relationship with DeLong keeps a closely guarded secret.

My way yesterday on the red carpet attracted great interest, many discussions of my appearance with Pasha, – said the actress. — In the morning, the phone began literally to explode, a million messages on the answering machine, and all with one question: “What is your relationship with Paul DeLong?” But I personal will not sound.

Is there relationship and how serious they are, is anyone’s guess. Rumor has it that Paul fell in love with Catherine, a year ago at the same festival. And a few months had her attentions. However, she had not yet departed from the painful break-up with Basharov, do not hurry to go towards new feelings and only now decided to appear in the light together with Paul.

On the red carpet the couple walked hand and their fingers intertwined. Psychologists say that when a man’s hand rests on top of the women’s hands, it is a sign that he is deeply in love with and wants to protect the beloved. By the way, guests of the festival noted that Catherine literally glows with happiness – her charming smile caused it overflowing emotions? However, she always looks great, and it’s not even the grueling training sessions or regular visits to the salon.

— Thank you nature! In fact, I often can’t afford to care for themselves. Of course, I indulge myself with trips to the salon, but without fanaticism – confessed Catherine. — In the gym do not really like to walk, prefer to run. He gives a physical form, and thoughts tidy. And yet daily in the morning drink two glasses of mineral water without gas at room temperature. When it has got a rule, I realized that I feel much better. But bad habits in the form of three cups of coffee in the morning trying to get rid of – and I know that it is unhealthy. But I’m an early riser, which, despite the fatigue and the graphics still wakes up at seven or eight in the morning. But not always cheerful, and therefore trying to stir.

Catherine shone in this solemn way. Her luxurious dress and dainty shoes was perhaps one of the most stylish outfits among the stars of the ladies. Become she was dressed and Sam DeLong: casually unbuttoned, but perfectly ironed shirt, great-fitting pants, a light stubble – the man in the dream, and only. Many, including leading film festival Irina Bezrukova (by the way, a close friend of Ancharovoj) and Dibrov, noted that along the path is very beautiful couple.

At the cocktail reception before the procession, the actors almost all the time were together, with tenderness looked at each other. Perhaps the veil of mystery will slightly open in the fall – she is planning a vacation. Who knows, maybe on the beautiful Islands it will appear to Paul?

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