Боярская в последние дни лета отдыхает без мужа

Husband Maxim Matveev shares photos from vacation.

A month ago, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev flew to Georgia, where I was to spend a month in a large group of friends. Holidays were held actively all walked, sunbathed, went to the mountains, tried local food in Batumi Maxim even decided on hang gliding, and Elizabeth shoot in the dash. Everything was great!

However, in the last photo Boyarsky, made in Georgia, the attentive viewer will notice: the whole Assembly, is there a Maksim Matveev. Maybe he photographs? And here and there, it’s a selfie. And anyway, the last of the pair was already made a week ago. What happened during this time? Spiteful critics immediately decided: broke up again.

“Slowly coming to the end of our vacation! The rest of the month with friends and live in the same house is a delight! Georgia us unconditionally charmed and conquered!” – I signed the lease.

And not a word is said about her husband! But if you look at the page for Maxim Matveyev, it becomes clear: the actor just had to return to Moscow before the couple, as he began shooting the second part of the movie “About love”. And it had no impact on the strong Union of a couple. Just think, a week spent apart?! The better will be the meeting!

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