Привычка жениться: русский миллионер отметил 13-ю свадьбу

One well-known lawyer and businessman… became his ex-wife!

Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor is nervously Smoking in aside. Both Actresses just had nine marriages. So, with the Russian millionaire Dmitry Jakubowski and they were not around. The famous entrepreneur and a lawyer for 52 years of his life were 12 weddings, and most recently, he played the 13th!

The celebration took place over the weekend somewhere in Europe (for a detailed location of the event, sorry, the couple wished to keep secret). The wedding was modest – only friends and family but luxury, according to designer bridesmaid dresses. Valeria (the name of his beloved Jakubowski), by the way, have had the good fortune to be with him in marriage. For unknown reasons, once the couple separated, but then Dmitri realized that women are better at Valeria are simply not there.

“So, what, he [Dmitry] has never and doesn’t love anyone,” explained re the marriage of Valerie Jakubowski on someone from acquaintances of the businessman writes aif.ru.

Well, judging by the pictures of newlyweds who find themselves in the network, the lawyer really looks happy. The only question is… for how long?

Dmitry Yakubovsky has always been famous for his love of women and weddings. Jokes about the habit to get married he always responds with irony. Say, can’t live a bachelor.

For the first time the businessman tied the knot at the age of 21. The lovers worked together, Roman started all of a sudden, tempers flared, and now, Dmitry and Larissa say “I do” at the registry office. However, already during the honeymoon, the young people realized that I was wrong. As writes the edition fb.ru two months later they broke up, and then issued an official divorce. According to unconfirmed information, because of the separation Jakubowski had to find a new job – the future millionaire to face in the stairwell with his ex-wife no longer wanted.

After Larissa Dmitry fell in love and disappointed in women more than once. However, with each of the wives he tried to part on a friendly note, compensating for a title with the prefix “ex” tidy sums of money, expensive cars, yachts and real estate.

Dossier Woman’s Day – Dmitry Yakubovsky

Born: 5 Sep 1963 in the village of Bolshevo in the Moscow region.

Field of activity: law.

Permanent residence: Russia, Switzerland.

Family status: married (13 times).

Children: with five children.

Part of the 200 richest people in Switzerland (according to the magazine Bilanz). Personal condition is estimated in 700 – 800 million Swiss francs.

There is a theory that human life can only be three love. What do you think?

  • Agree. Three love – objective number
  • Love can be only one. All the rest – love or self-deception
  • All this stupidity! Nothing lasts forever. “Love” can be as much as able to thrill the human heart
  • Love does not exist. It is a fiction, invented by sellers of rings and wedding dresses
  • It’s difficult to answer. Never loved a
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