Anisina is diluted due to serious illness Dzhigurda

Анисина разводится из-за серьезной болезни Джигурды

Wife of the flamboyant actor said about the true causes of discord in the family.

For several days now in press are actively exaggerated the information on the decay of the most outrageous couples of the country. Marina Anisina filed for divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda. The official formulation – “preserve the family because of the irresponsible behaviour of spouse”. What is this irresponsibility, the document is not specified. However, the true causes of the skater revealed in one of his interviews.

According to the woman reasons for breaking up with Nikita in her abound. But the home – sickness of the actor. The diagnosis she did not specify, but apparently that is not fair serious. “Last year I set a condition for a truce: Nikita was supposed to be treated. The agreement he did not keep, and his disease was just progressing. I think that it’s just dangerous. So my decision to divorce is final,” said Marina, writes

The chair, in turn, also did not remain silent. The actor says that he has found a new love and planned to divorce her quietly, without attracting public opinion. But Sergei Zhorin (lawyer Anisina – approx.ed.) washed the dirty linen in public. Nikita says that a lawyer did this on purpose, as I have long wanted to separate the couple, with their views of the skater. The flamboyant actor is sure that this male conflict can only be solved with brute physical force, and promises to beat the homewrecker. So here is Santa Barbara.

Recall that in the last year of the chair he filed for divorce with Anisina those, saying that she’s having an affair with a partner Gwendolen Pazera. But then the conflict managed to be hushed up and the family, for a little while, but once again there was peace and harmony. So this time, many have suggested that the separation of the pair is temporary, and, perhaps, planned for PR. Whatever it was, it still remains unknown the fate of the couples children: son Mika-Angelo-Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad. By the way, their birth Dzhigurda filmed, and then posted the video on the Network. Maybe Anisina those already then it was necessary to think?