Middleton is pregnant for the third time: have already known the sex of the baby

Миддлтон беременна в третий раз: уже известен пол ребенка

The Duchess will give another daughter to Prince William.

Today in London to discuss the imminent completion of the Royal family. Journalists suspected that the 34-year-old Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time. There is even information that this time again it’s a girl. However, the Palace have not yet given any comments on this issue.

According to insiders, pregnancy for Kate and Prince William was a complete surprise, but they are very happy that they will have another child. It is known that the couple always wanted a big family, but did not think that their wish will come true so quickly.

Recall that Prince William and Kate Middleton married in April 2011, already have two children: George, who was born on July 22, 2013, and Charlotte, born may 2, 2015.