An interesting position: the Sheik’s pregnant with Cooper

Интересное положение: Шейк беременна от Купера

The supermodel has hinted that her life big changes are coming.

For more than a year, the Russian star is in a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper. Fans of the pair can hardly wait for the wedding, and yet they imagine Irina in a white dress, that only adds fuel to the fire by posting an ambiguous photo.

The reason to suspect the Shake in an interesting position in a picture, which she shared tonight.

In the photo is always gorgeous Irina appeared in a slinky black dress with very deep neckline, which is not surprising, since the model loves to show their charms. But the waist of the star attracted the attention of fans, because the photo clearly shows a rounded tummy!

Fans confused about it. On the one hand, pregnancy is kind of obvious, and the answers to the questions Irina evades (like almost all the stars in position). But three weeks ago no belly in the pictures was not!

What’s the matter?

The only two options. Could be no pregnancy and no, the model is just wearing a bad dress with draping at the waist, and before that also ate a lot, took not the best pose for the photo (which of course is unlikely given the profession a Shake) or just fat!

And maybe Irina really in the situation and cleverly concealed this fact, choosing good clothes, like Ksenia Sobchak, and laying out an old photo, where nothing is visible. In favor of the confirmation of the situation is the fact that friends Shake and Cooper have repeatedly said that the stars all seriously. They live together, are friends with each other’s parents, and with the wedding only being pulled due to lack of time… Or the fact that Irina does not want to walk down the aisle?

Whatever it was, to hide the truth long will not work.