Went to war: the chair against the werewolf Gorina

Пошел войной: Джигурда против оборотня Жорина

Nikita Dzhigurda stated that the lawyer carries out the order of the mafia and intimidated his wife.

Recently it became known that the Olympic champion Marina Anisina filed for divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda married and has been since 2008.

And then it began… the Artist had a ball and cries on every corner that in Paris he was threatened with death, commit assassination and his poor wife is scared of werewolves!

“For me a couple of days were being followed by people in mufti. Today they didn’t allow me to get out of the house to the airport. Threatened… Lost the tickets. Sergei Zhorin’s a werewolf, liar, received the order from the mafia to breed them Anisina intimidated Morrice, announcing the latest insane…” writes Nikita on social networks.

We decided to deal with the situation and ask the lawyer Marina Anisina those, Sergei Gorina, as is actually the case.

Sergey, rumors of divorce couples went last year. Was it the truth?
Пошел войной: Джигурда против оборотня Жорина

A year ago Marina Let forgiven for his antics, because he promised to be treated, it was a condition. But Nikita did not keep his word, his mental state worsened, and this would inevitably lead to a tragedy if Anisina’t made a decision about divorce. One and a half-two years ago the chair was pronormality, over time, the situation became worse on the background of the use of various drugs, thanks to which, said Nikita, he goes to the astral plane. He is now 24 hours a day in a deranged state. It is dangerous for the family from a physical point of view, and a disgrace to the Marina because Nikita performs actions that do not climb in any gate. I can’t talk about it until the Marina I will not authorize. But recently, an event occurred which became a point of no return.

Do you think that Nikita mentally unstable?
Пошел войной: Джигурда против оборотня Жорина

Despite the fact that I’m not a doctor, I have no doubt mental illness Dzhigurda. His inconsistency, mood swings, obsessions, take the statements of Nikita that they Anisina those supposedly agreed to divorce her quietly. There was no agreement! Marina decided, gave me instructions and I filed a lawsuit. Further asked the journalists, and we dry this fact was confirmed without any comment. All of the information wave began when Nikita took the floor. He began to piss on me for a year thinks that Marina is cheating on him with me. Thus when she tells him: “Look, we’re in different countries!”, he replied: “Yes, but you do astral”. Dzhigurda lives by Anisina those and without her wings, even he could not fly from Paris to Moscow, I missed the plane. On 2 November he is to appear in court, found a valid name, surname and patronymic, because he is not the chair, but some kind of count Dracula (in September, the actor said that now his name is Jonathan El-air Bratash g pogorzhelskiy background Gan Eden), and will start the process.

Will the spouses divide property, who will be the guardian of their children?
Пошел войной: Джигурда против оборотня Жорина

I think that disputes about children and property should not be. What children? For him, as I understand it, it is not very important. He said that America was going to marry. Nikita now needs medical attention in the first place it should be secured from those drugs he takes for rehabilitation to send to, and when he returns to our planet, some serious questions about the children to discuss.

The lawyer made in his blog an official statement about how the prosecution perceives Dzhigurda.

“Dzhigurda really dangerous for his family and for society, writes Sergei. In cockfights Morrice not going to participate for the following reasons: I am not a cock, the cock 55 years, he is not well, my trusting mind. But if the chair will meet me somewhere in a deserted place, and show aggression, happy to give him an exorcism”.

Recall that Marina Anisina and Nikita met in 2007 while participating in the show “Dancing on ice. The velvet season”. A year later they were married, and soon came to light children – son Mick-angel Krist and daughter Eva-Vlad. Nikita and Marina, considered one of the most unusual, but tight pairs of show business. So it seemed from the outside.