Unmask! Who she’s marrying Kira Plastinina

Маски долой! За кого выходит замуж Кира Пластинина

The media found out the name of the groom, 24-year-old businesswoman.

Last week in the press with the news of the bankruptcy Kira Plastinina has information about the forthcoming wedding of a girl. And about the changing social status of Cyrus announced itself by publishing intriguing posts in your Instagram. However, the name of the chosen one, she never calls. It was found out by journalists.

For several days now Plastinina on his page in the social network talks about the preparations for the wedding. Then lay out the bike, saying that this is her last single trip, shares the secrets of how to lose weight for such a joyous occasion, then posts the images with a bachelorette party. By the way, to celebrate impending wedding with her friends Kira chose one of the California wineries. All the guests followed the bride dressed in pink jumpsuits. Until recently, only Kira’s family and close friends knew the name of the groom. Kira is betrothed strongly concealed from the public. However, the media managed to find out who is this mysterious Mr. X. He was a partner Plastinina business Tray the wallet. The pair met a couple years ago, when the Studio Kira started cooperation with the Atelier, in which a Tray at that time worked as the chief financier. Common cause the guys over, they say that their company went bankrupt, but the relationship is played for the benefit.

A triumph, according to life.ru will be held in Dallas, where long lived Kiera.