All for show: Anastasia again bare

Все напоказ: Анастасия Волочкова вновь оголилась

Woman’s Day decided to recall the most candid shots of the famed ballerina

None of the rest of Anastasia Volochkova is not complete without these. Only the dancer is sent to warmer climes, as the whole country adheres to the monitors and with a sinking heart, waiting for when she will delight us with their naked bodies. And Nastya keeps the brand regular pampering fans of candid snapshots. Chest Volochkova has managed to stand out and on the Greek coast.

This time Anastasia decided to capture their shape in warm waves of the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Crete. For swimming, she chose a minimalist outfit. Causal space barely cover microtronica, chest – only graceful hands of a ballerina. “Wave good luck covers… Today, we have in Crete rose wild waves! But I splashed like a child. Happy heart and having fun. Anyone around and just wave! And the wind. The beauty and freedom of life!” – signed the Anastasia. Needless to say that such a sexy frame for a couple of hours have collected 5 thousand likes and hundreds of enthusiastic reviews? “Class”, “Super”, “divine beauty”, “She’s good. Daughter gave birth, a tree is planted, the house was built. Still not every man can provide for his family, as does Anastasia.”

However, there were also those who nudism Volochkova was not to the soul, “No! Well, in fact, enough to expose himself naked. Nice figure, just disgusting”, “more, apparently, not enough brains. There is nothing more to show something, forever fotkat naked, not ashamed, at least the daughter would be ashamed, what an example to the child,” “God. And will be at the gynecologist – also in network lay out a photo? What kind of immorality?”. Anastasia, as usual, malicious comments not paying attention, enjoying the vacation and your own perfection. And always has been. “A large amount of negativity that I write, is connected first of all with a sense of envy,” says the ballerina. — There are people who are not that leg, as I can’t lift, and don’t even want to get off the sofa and take yourself to the Park or on the treadmill. I lay out their vertical, parallel and horizontal splits whenever there is such an opportunity. I live in twine. If spiteful critics who write in my address, know what work lies behind my success, flowers and a banner… If they knew how difficult this stretch I got, then a lot would think about. All cosnotifycomm I try to block, some even answer in the same language. Sometimes I go to profile these people. Many have no subscribers and no subscriptions. Each time those people register a new account to write me some stuff”.

Woman’s Day decided to gather photos of the most piquant images of the ballerina, so we once again were able to study its anatomy.

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