Тина Канделаки прокомментировала беременность

The presenter assured fans that her family replenishment is expected.

Once it became known about the secret wedding of popular TV presenter Tina Kandelaki with Vasily Brovko, as here, the rumors about the new addition to the family of the newlyweds.

I must say that the 40-year-old star has repeatedly stated publicly that it is ready to give birth to another child, and now she is suddenly replaced workout classes gentle yoga and decided to become a vegetarian. This led fans on the idea that Tina is likely in position.

However, White was quick to refute the speculation of fans. On his page on Instagram Tina said while not expecting a baby, but will be glad to replenishment in the family.

“I know about a lot of interesting… Do people tend to believe what they want. Of course, I’m excited about procreation, but, friends, not yet the joyful news of the bedchamber!” —assured presenter.

By the way, many fans were delighted at the fact that it is positively disposed in relation to the birth of her third child, despite his age.

We will remind, recently it became known that Kandelaki again acquired the status of a married lady. The husbands of Tina chose a business partner, now Director of communications, Analytics, and strategic development of rostec,” the 29-year-old Vasily Brovko. Last winter, they officially registered the relationship, but kept it a secret. The presenter already has a daughter Melanie and a son Leontius from her ex-husband, businessman Andrei Kondrahin.

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