Ксения Бородина отметила годовщину свадьбы без мужа

The TV presenter celebrated the date in a circle of friends. It looks like it still smacks of divorce.

The last couple of weeks, rumor has been saying about the discord in the relationship Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov. And, apparently, rightly so. How else to explain that a wedding anniversary (the couple married in early July last year) the presenter noted not with the legitimate spouse, and with girlfriends?

On his page in the social network she posted a photo where she is posing in front of the yachts in one of the suburban elite clubs. The other pictures she appears in the company of friends. Subscribers Borodina reasonably said that this celebration did not appear Kurban, although it seems to be a celebration of family and even suggested that the media personality celebrates not the anniversary, and divorce. Even more recently, the celebrity posting photos with her lover, although I do it with enviable regularity. Fans attributed the breakup of the Union that Eid was deprived of wife’s business, her clothing store. About this incident Borodin said in his Instagram last week.

“I have nothing to shop Borodin Shop, – wrote Ksenia. – No website, no showroom, no page in Instagram! Judging by the way people behaved with me after I zero raised the business through their name, photo shootings, as I’m pregnant went to the factories and searched for a tissue, I agree with people about the tailoring, as I was up every image and with love prepared Luke for you, they thought I didn’t deserve anything. I cheated…When I was on vacation, I read many complaints about delivery, quality of product and service policies and you understand what you need to do. And to understand why we have a problem! But I was hindered to do it! Not providing any documents! All the proposals that you do may be scams! Just wait for my statements! So , I left Borodin Shop and create their new brand, which will manage PERSONALLY! I ask you to treat with understanding to this situation and help me in the future… I love you and always want only the best! I used to work honestly! Never cheated on anyone and therefore, working from the age of 16, never had such problems! And always adhered to this policy – just honesty! All that is done, all the better! Let the money, fame and followers will bring happiness to these people! And all that does not kill us makes you stronger!”

As you know, one of the owners of the store Borodina is her husband. And, it seems that business has become a stumbling block, which broke the boat of family happiness. By the way, the Eid al separation from the beloved has not commented, but puts photos of their 7-month-old daughter Theon. And even devotes little girl poems.

With your name on his lips

Wake up and rejoice.

With your name, spirit of the Charter,

Stumble and fall.

Like a prayer is pronounced,

I’m a father, I’m not guided by fear

Remember that I’m breathing

With your name on his lips.

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