Зета-Джонс и Дуглас отметили романтическую дату

The star couple returned to the same place where Michael did his future wife offer hands and hearts.

Katherine and Michael have a special visit the observation platform in the ski resort in aspen – have them associated with the most pleasant and romantic memories: it was here that the actor proposed Katherine to be his wife.

“16 years ago this was the place where my husband proposed to me,” he signed 46-year-old actress is a picture of the happy couple posing on a background of mountains in his Instagram.

Also in her photoblog appeared a picture of her – Katherine in the caption said that she loves her sit her sweatpants.

In General, the mood of the couple, judging by a picture, which Michael shared on his page on Facebook, and I really enjoyed my ski they with great pleasure.

Not everything went smoothly in their marriage – in 2013, they even for a few months broke up, but Michael and Catherine have managed to overcome difficulties.

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