Shaya LaBeouf staged a flash mob engagement

Шайя Лабаф устроил из помолвки флешмоб

The actor made an offer of marriage to his sweetheart MIA Goth, and then went outside and told about this to all passers-by.

According to the source, Lebap talked about her engagement on the streets and in the supermarket. Also recently he shared the good news with one of the bystanders in the Elevator during a recent performance #ELEVATE.

The actor’s girlfriend MIA Goth refused to comment on this event, but recently, the journalists of Us Weekly spotted on her ring finger a diamond ring. After that, no one had any doubt that the wedding of 29-year-old Shaie LaBeouf and 23-year-old MIA Goth yet to be. At least now write about the Western media.

Shaie LaBeouf and MIA Goth met in 2012 on the movie “Nymphomaniac”. After the premiere of the film they often went out together, and then declared themselves a couple. However, after a year of celebrities have stopped, but in 2014, back together.

In an interview with LaBeouf and Goth don’t like to talk about each other. As close to a pair of sources claim that their relationship with the parties seem to be rather strange: in an hour they can fight ten times and as many times to make peace.

We, in turn, one can only guess how some of the most outrageous stars of Hollywood celebrate their wedding: ustroyut flash mob or everything goes quiet?

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