Сергей Безруков женился второй раз

The actor has legalized relationship with the film Director and screenwriter Anna matison.

March 11, Sergey and Anna officially became husband and wife. Information about the nuptials was confirmed by the press attaché Bezrukov Liana Khusainova.

— Yes, – said Liana “Antenna”.

The couple decided on purpose not to turn your wedding into the event and signed quietly, without much fanfare.

Recall that reduced future spouses work. In February of last year producer Alexey kublitskiy offered to Sergey Bezrukov to read Anna for the film “milky way”. Picture of actor interested in its sincerity and spontaneity. After meeting Anna and Sergey agreed to the role, despite the tight schedule. Gradually, the relationship of Sergei and Anna has ceased to be only workers.

In the fall of 2015, the actor and his wife Irina Bezrukova reported that their marriage broke up. The artists parted ways after 15 years of marriage without quarrels and scandals and have remained friends. Later Sergey confirmed his romance with Anna matison.

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