Джим Керри вышел из депрессии и снова влюбился

The Hollywood actor was spotted on a date six months after the loss of his beloved. Rumor has it that Kerry looked very happy.

Six months ago, Jim Carrey happened mountain, died his girlfriend, at that time already former. She killed herself by overdosing on pills and leaving a suicide note, which mentioned the recent breakup with the actor. His relationship with the makeup artist Catriona white were uneasy: they’ve diverged, another quarrel occurred a few days before the death of the girl…

It is obvious that the actor was tormented by guilt. He was quick to go public with the statement: “I am shocked and deeply saddened by the death of my dear Catriona. She was a kind and gentle Irish flower, too sensitive for this world, she had to love and be loved”.

Not surprisingly, then Kerry fell into a depression. All this time he led a solitary life, shunned women, and had stopped working out and grew a beard.

But when something comes to an end, and in the life of the famous comedian began a streak of light. On the days of the ubiquitous paparazzi caught Jim in the Los Angeles restaurant in the company of a cute brunette. According to the Irish Mirror, the pair have been in the institution for more than three hours, then left the school through the back door and sat in the car, drove away in an unknown direction.

According to eyewitnesses, the actor and his companion looked happy and laughed all the time. And most importantly – Kerry markedly younger and broke up with a beard!

Who was the mysterious companion of the stars, the journalists have not yet been calculated. But looking at the photos one can assume the presence of her cheerful and easy character. And this is exactly what we do with the actor the most.

One thought on “Jim Carrey went from depression to fall in love again”
  1. The lady that Dr. Jim Carrey was with last weekend, is just a friend, not his girlfriend. They’re just fiends.
    I’m very glad that Jim is out and about again.

    Terry (Dallas, Texas)

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