Вам и не снилось: цыганская свадьба с дождем из купюр в 500 евро

The couple from Slovakia eclipsed the most luxurious weddings of the Moscow oligarchs.

Sting, j-Lo, six-foot cake… I Think only in Moscow roll their holidays, which they say will be a long time? So, you just have not seen the triumph of the newlyweds from Slovakia. Here is the money, not just spend, they tore and crumbled. And all in order to make happy the bride the rain of banknotes of 500 euros!

The video, which caused so much noise in the network, posted to YouTube the bride herself. Still this is not to brag!

Costumes molozhenov embroidered with precious stones, guests carry luxury limousines, and the table decorated dishes from chefs. But finally deprived the audience speechless dance in which guests are showered with money a happy bride.

Well, to too completely deprived of all power of speech, at the end of the video, the couple counted the money – whether a gift for a wedding, or spent. In any case, the pack was so impressive that it seems the money would be enough to feed all the starving children of Africa.