Ваенга и Садырбаев сменили статусы на «замужем» и «женат»

In the Internet, discussing the rumors about the wedding of a popular singer.

The news of the wedding of Elena Vaenga and her beloved Novel, with caused the Internet buzz. Fans congratulate favorite artists on the remarkable event, and journalists speculated: is it true? After all, information about an upcoming holiday does not confirm the celebrants or their official representatives.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have that information. And no comments on this issue do not give”, – answered the question about the wedding to Woman’s day journalist, PR-Manager Maria Elena Podolsky.

“Sorry, no comment”, refused to answer the question, the administrator of the singer Ksenia Antipova.

“Wedding? I do not know. I’m not invited,” said the former husband and producer Elena Ivan Matvienko.

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However, on the morning of 30 September Elena and Roman changed the statuses in social networks. On the personal page “Vkontakte”, the singer said: “Married to a Roman by Sadyrbaeva”. Example artist was followed by her lover: “Married Elena Vaenga”.

Meanwhile, designer Igor Gulyaev did not refute the information about the celebration. How did you find the journalists, he took off from Paris (where he presented his new collection at fashion Week in Saint Petersburg, where, according to some, and should be held a significant event.

“Today I’m flying to St. Petersburg for a wedding, Yes. This is a closed event purely family and friends-close friends, she asked me not to say anything”, – said Igor Gulyaev, writes life.ru.

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