Варнава показала обручальное кольцо и рассказала о свадьбе

Star Comedy Woman finally commented on the rumors, walking on the Internet.

New clip of Anna Sedokova for the song “universe” caused quite a stir in the network. Someone was happy for a favorite performer, and someone was intrigued by the romantic scenes with the stars of the show Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas and her boyfriend.

Oil poured into the fire, and the singer herself.

“Thank you for what you and Bones for the first time she starred in the video as the bride and groom. Soon everyone will see what you incredible together! I admire you!” – addressed to the couple Sedokova in his microblog in Instagram.

Journalists and a large crowd of fans immediately suggested: one of the most prominent member of the Comedy’s going to go down the aisle (read more HERE).

The intrigue remained until the presentation of the acclaimed video. Here, journalists, Woman’s Day and was caught by surprise with their stellar person. They say that after all mean this clip and your colleagues?!

“We, together with Konstantin for more than three years. I believe that all the people who had been Dating for at least a year, automatically acquire the status of the bride and groom. So the information that I, the bride, true. Did I marry? No, not the left. And when to wait? The other day a friend of mine wrote a very funny: “go for two days and get married!” The fact that we have Bones with very busy schedules. We just can’t seem to find the time to spend is important in every person’s life the event, complained to Woman’s Day telediva.

Photo published by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) Sep 28 2016 11:41 PDT

Still, a significant event in the offing. Barnabas admitted that he does not know what should be her wedding, but her wedding dress already picked out. Yes, and “ring of dreams” Catherine (as the artist herself called the decoration on the ring finger – approx. ed.) the whole evening did not give rest to journalists.

“Dream dress has been found. It is, and I just buy it in the near future. Designer dress – Ulyana Sergienko,” added the actress.