Интрига дня: Варнава намекнула на скорую свадьбу

The media personality has published in the microblog mysterious post…

Star Comedy Woman shared with friends and fans the good news: the story of her love with a dancer Konstantin Myakinkova you can see in the clip of Anna Sedokova for the song “universe”. Also, the artist said that it was their Bones with the first creative project as a couple.

Internet users, meanwhile, in the words Barnabas saw a hint of the impending wedding. Oil poured into the fire, and the singer Anna Sedokova, calling the heroes of their movie bride and groom.

“Thank you for what you and Bones for the first time she starred in the video as the bride and groom. Tomorrow everyone will see what you incredible together!!! I admire you!!!” – posted by Anna Sedokova in the social network.

Previously fans of Barnabas noticed the ring on her ring finger. Moreover, a girl in every way it was demonstrated on a selfie to Instagram. It seems that the ceremony would actually take place in the near future…

The proposal of marriage to Kate, according to her friend and colleague Nadia Sysoeva, received in October last year. But it all went without jewelry. In the Internet appeared the image, which Myakinkov stands before Barnabas on one knee, holding her… the coffee. See the photos HERE.

But in any case, Barnabas told her lover, “Yes.” In the program “Alone with all” with Julia Menshovoj she admitted that Konstantin has become very home and sees his father.