To be or not to be? Fans bet on the divorce, Jolie and pitt

Быть или не быть? Фанаты делают ставки на развод Джоли и Питта

While pitt tries to prove that he is not an addict, and to save the marriage, savvy entrepreneurs earn their parting with Jolie.

Now a week and a half the global information space is filled with materials about the separation of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood. The history of the relationship, the alleged reasons for the divorce, skeletons from hidden closets, the view of family psychologists and other experts, painstaking count of the property and its carve – life artists journalists out the bones. Even Madame Tussauds, the figures of brad and Angelina now stand separately. Meanwhile, pitt has not lost hope to save the relationship. And for that he is ready for anything. Even for tests.

Recall that, according to press reports, one of the reasons for divorce became addicted pitt to strong alcohol and drugs. They say, too enthusiastic guy whiskey and marijuana. And even in a drunken stupor, raised his hand to his wife and children. Such charges, the actor couldn’t stand and went to the lab to prove that he is not an addict. Moreover, this gesture was completely voluntary, law enforcement is not insisted. Brad just decided to save his reputation and marriage. And if the first is doable, the chance to reconcile with his wife, the actor virtually none. Jolie calls pitt: put him in the “black list” of the phone, not responding to letters, does not see children. The actress intends to issue sole custody of all the children, saying that brad is a danger to them. With the help of analyses, the results of which, by the way, is still unknown, the actor will attempt to convince the judge.

Meanwhile, enterprising bookmakers earn a high profile event. Rate started taking a week ago. Moreover, the reconciliation of pairs of ratio 3. If you bet that the family will fall apart, you have to guess a new companion Jolie. Among the contenders for her heart royals (Prince Harry), billionaire (Roman Abramovich) and even Russian actors Michael Porechenkov (factor 111). The most likely potential suitor Angelina, according to bookmakers, Bradley Cooper (factor 11). Pitt in of the bride tipped Charlize Theron (8) and French actress Cotillard Marion (13), which some media called responsible for the disorder in the star family. Supposedly brad broke the novel in the movie “Allies”.

And in your opinion, how the story would end with the divorce, Jolie and pitt?

  • Sorry to realize, but divorce can be. This marriage has outlived its usefulness
  • Maybe this time they’ll reconsider. But sooner or later, it will still run
  • Reconciled! And they will live happily ever after!
  • Decide to keep the family together for the kids
  • They have about the divorce and had no idea. All for the sake of PR
  • Other (write in comments)