Work in the garden in the spring: 7 refreshing ideas

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

Spring is in full swing, every day is getting warmer, and the air the spirit of rebirth and renewal. For most gardeners, spring is not only the most troublesome period, but also time when it comes to real inspiration, helping to create and restore order in the garden. And if the inspiration you have already visited, but no fresh ideas, pay attention to our selection of tips that will help to prepare the garden for spring.

Perform an audit of your inventory

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

No need headlong rush to a specialty store and to sweep away from shelves all in a row. Perhaps you have in the household already have the necessary equipment, though not all. Some broken tools can be repaired, hopeless need to be replaced.

Remember: on the eve of the spring garden stock is more expensive, so buy everything you need, preferably in advance.

Check the condition of perennial plants, planted new

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

Perennial plants are not eternal, and may not survive a harsh winter. Better make sure they are alive, in advance.

If you plan to plant new perennials, make sure that for their successful wintering suit your climatic conditions.

Don’t forget to plant a few plants that attract bees. Because these insects depends on successful pollination.

If you don’t have space for a garden, in the yard you can place the containers with soil in them and plant plants that you like.

Build the hearth

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

The hearth in the garden will let you enjoy the nature cool spring evenings. In addition, such a structure will beautify any area and will attract the attention of visitors. How to build a hearth read our article.

Using a wooden shield a home can be made into a table.

Don’t forget the shadow

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

We all look forward to Sunny days, and early spring these beautiful days. But closer to the summer plants and people can be in the sun all day is not very nice and sometimes harmful. So try to shade some parts of your garden.

Not necessarily to use the umbrella, you can build a pergola, use a cloth of bright fabric. All depends on your imagination.

Take care about the lighting

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

Full-fledged landscape lighting can cost a round sum, but you can use simple and inexpensive solutions.

The trunks and branches of trees can entangle with led lights, for lights tracks will suit the lanterns on solar batteries.

To highlight the trees and the facade of the house by using low-power led spotlights.

Remember that the curtains can be used in the garden

Работы в саду весной: 7 свежих идей

If you want to arrange a relaxation area in the garden or yard, making it most comfortable, use curtains.

Tip: if the curtains will hang permanently, it is better to opt for durable fabrics. If there is an opportunity to remove the curtains, and hang up only when needed, choose a light airy fabric.

Add a little “Zen”

More pleasant to spend time in the garden with a small waterfall or stream, Chinese bells, hanging pots of flowers, garden sculptures and plants freakish forms.

Don’t forget about the little details that create the mood.

Remember that there is no better vacation than camping. And even nicer spring unity with nature will be held, if to take care about comfort and coziness.

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